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18th c. American Tankard

18th c. American Tankard

A scarce 18th c. American wooden tankard in its original Spanish brown stained finish.


The body is comprised in the traditional white cooper method of construction featuring oak wood staving around a two board oak wood base. A series of black ash wood bands with interlocking joints reinforces the body and are secured with hand carved wooden pins.


A pine wood hand carved lid is attached at the top of the handle via a small wooden pin.


During the 19th c. a clever and tedious repair was made to reinforce the top ash band. A series of small brass screws were added to support the band along with tightly wound string.


Survives in an overall structurally sound state of condition with fine surface qualities and very historic oxidation. Unusually large and wide in format with a commanding presence.


New England origin. Ca. 1780. 12"T x 10"W.

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