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18th c. Cutlery Box (SOLD)

18th c. Cutlery Box (SOLD)

An exceptional 18th c. hanging cutlery box in original unfinished surface.

Constructed of eastern white pine wood in its entirety. The backboard is profiled with strong 18th c. characteristics, including a tombstone shaped backboard, crowned with a lolipop shaped cutout accommodating the hanging hole.

The front pocket contains special design elements such as a double quirk bead moldings set in at each frontal corner as well as a simple scallop board in the front echoing arched lunettes seen on Bible boxes and chests from the late 17th and early 18th c. A hand carved date of 1721 is deeply carved in the front, either commemorating a date of manufacture or marriage.

Joinery is comprised of wonderfully crafted early hand forged nails with flowered heads, each nail showing quality oxidation and coloring.

Survives in excellent as-descended condition with every detail remaining completely undisturbed from modern refreshment and exhibits an extremely historic surface with ideal color, oxidation and light wear.

New England origin, possibly eastern MA shoreline. Ca. 1721-1760. 13"T x 5"W x 2 1/2"D.

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