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19th c. Broom Closet Cupboard

19th c. Broom Closet Cupboard

A late 19th c. broom cupboard in original dark mustard paint.


Constructed of pine wood boards recycled from the late 18th c. and bearing pit sawn tool marks. The casing is joined and nailed with machine cut round shafted nails and interior fitted with three small shelves. A cast iron hanging hook remains on the proper left side, for hanging small articles such as a dust pan or apron.


A small bar mounted on the interior is fixed with a single screw for rotation and storage of brooms/mops.


A lack of closets in early American homes facilitated the need for storage of cleaning supplies and brooms thus little cabinets like this were in use until the late 19th and early 20th c. when closets became popular.


Remains in an overall excellent state of original condition with a fine painted surfsce with as-descended historic qualities.


New England origin. Ca. 1890. 48 1/2"T x 23 11/16"W x 10"D.



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