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Ca. 1900 Trapping Bag

Ca. 1900 Trapping Bag

A ca. 1900 trappers bag/box (pack basket) in original grey/blue paint.

Constructed of pine wood. The body is joined with a series of round iron nails and fitted with leather hinges and leather frontal strap. Cloth carrying straps are applied to the back via small iro mn patches. A burlap pad is also fitted to the reverse with iron strapwork and lined with raffia.

Adopted from a Native American origin, a trappers bag or "pack basket" allowed trappers and hunters abikity to carry tools accordingly and comfortably with protection of sharp contents.

Unusual in form as most "pack baskets" were constructed of a typical ash weave basket form. From the likelihood that these were more fragile, a more robust and sturdy box frame such as this was chosen for use.

Survives in overall good condition structurally with superb surface qualitites and as-descended characteristics. Leather hinges have been seperated, but intact.

Maine origin. Ca. 1900. 17 1/2"T x 15"W x 8 1/2"D.

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