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Early Native American Double Handled Basket (SOLD)

Early Native American Double Handled Basket (SOLD)

A 19th c. Native American double handled gathering basket in original black, yellow, and red pigmented paints.


The body is constructed from finely cut and shaved black ash wood weavers formed from the bottom up, compiling a circular and tapered body. Two tall protruding handles are secured by a double rib rim and are formed of hand shaved oak wood.


Alternating bands of black, yellow, and red weavers decorate the body and feature strong pigment in each color. Dyed paint was applied prior to construction with block stamping in black added after completion.


Retains extremely fine surface properties with mellow oxidized wood colors. Remains in excellent condition with one extremely minor partial loss to one weaver being consistent with age, use and delicately.


Oneida or Mohawk tribal region of NY. Ca. 1860. 7 1/4"W x 5"T.

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