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Exquisite 18th c. Fragment Mirror (SOLD)

Exquisite 18th c. Fragment Mirror (SOLD)

An exquisit late 18th c. fragment mirror in original red paint.

Constructed of pine wood with a single large shard of early silver backed glass set into a pine wood body. The profile of the body is of a triangular design ornamented with a trapezoidal lolipop and pierced with a circular hanging hole, now slightly ovular.

The glass is set into its body and held in place via two ash wood bands secured with small iron rosehead tacks.

The back portrays appropriate swing marks and wear to the hanging hole suggesting an extended amount of time being used accordinly, however, at one point during the period a hanger was added likely in the event to prevent swinging and wear and has long since been removed or missing. It is unknown of its original design or purpose for function, but evidence of wear to the hanging hole and swing marks suggest this as trivial and unimportant.

A very meaningful and sensitive attempt was executed at saving expensive glass and repurposing as evident by carefully chamfering reverse edges, creating an ornamented hanging hole and securing glass appropriately to prevent cracking.

Retains in a remarkably well preserved state of original as-descended condition with extremely attractive paint surface elements present all around.

Presents itself in an extremely bold manner, both in form and design.

Northeast origin, likely New England. Ca. 1780-1800. 8 5/16"T x 4 1/2"W.

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