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Renaissance Period Apostle Spoon (SOLD)

Renaissance Period Apostle Spoon (SOLD)

A Renaissance Period latten Apostle spoon in original condition.


Apostle spoons of the 15th-17th c. were made to be given as christening gifts, sometimes with a particular saint chosen to name a baby after. Daily meals were also a practical function for these spoons as well.


Cast in a mold from latten (an archaic term for brass) with a traditional, thin, 16th c. fig shaped bowl. A triangular shaped segment near the shoulder of the bowl serves both aesthetical purposes and as reinforcement.


A figural depiction with strong likeness to St. James the Greater is depicted atop wrapped in shroud and holding a distaff. Wonderfully cast and gently worn.


Survives in overall excellent condition with an intact black surface, probably paint added at one time for preservation. Latten spoons of the period are somewhat scarce with more surviving examples cast in silver ensuring their survival.


German or Netherlands origin. Ca. 1550-1650. 5"T.

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