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Scarce 19th c. Lighting Shelf

Scarce 19th c. Lighting Shelf

A scarce 19th c. corner mounted lighting shelf in its original finish.


Early colonials sometimes proved problematic for lighting sources as swirling air currents were constantly being introduced and thus lighting shelves such as this were used to combat the issue by being hung in the upper half of interior rooms.


Constructed from eastern white pine wood, the body showcases an eccentric and captivating profile showing iconic demilune cutouts and scalloping with a robust semicurve base.


A series of early irregular shaped iron square nails join the platform and both sides. Multiple symmetrically spaced holes in the backboard allowed for sercure connection to the original structure.


Survives wonderfully intact with fine as-descended surface qualities and mellow color. Northeast origin. Ca. 1820-1850. 12"T x 12"W.

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