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Scarce 19th c. Nautical Map Case (SOLD)

Scarce 19th c. Nautical Map Case (SOLD)

A scarce 19th c. wooden map case in original light blue paint.

Constructed from larger boards of eastern white pine wood with applied pine wood moldings attached via a series of iron square nail joining. Two small iron hinges are set into each half and are attached with small iron screws.

Early nautical voyages were as much an act of exploration for future passages as they were navigation thus demanding the need for safe storage of delicate maps when in use.

This map case retains a series of interesting characteristics, not only retaining an exciting series of surface elements but also witness marks of shoreline watercoloring, likely from a harbor chart, bleeding into the pinewood.

Survives in overall good condition with as-descended properties and minor wear. A shrinkage crack is visible on the base being consistent with age.

Northeast origin. Ca. 1820-1850. 15 1/5"W x 22 1/4"T x 1 3/4" thick.

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