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Victorian Wicker Work Basket

Victorian Wicker Work Basket

A beautifully worked Victorian wicker work basket in original condition.

Constructed in a complex manner of finely imported materials of the period, the overall design structure follows suit mostly in the traditional style of traditional basketry of wood splint weavers.

The body consists of rattan vertical stanners with finely braided raffia woven in a large coiled pattern from the base up. A more recognizable rim is applied consisting of two draw shaven half circular ribs and are wrapped in a double coiled pattern with thin raffia.

Rattan coiling constitues the base, extremely finely dense in makeup and wrapped with thin raffia perpetually.

A white oak handle with a finely formed body is attached via thin, nickel plated wire( the use of iron would rot due to moisture, seperating the handle).

Survives in superlative original condition with an extremely light varnish finish which has created a light golden tinted color. Masterfully crafted in terms of density of workmanship.

Northeast origin, possibly New England. C. 1900. 9"T x 8"W.

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