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19th c. Eastern Algonquian Basket

19th c. Eastern Algonquian Basket

A 19th c. Eastern Algonquian splint woven basket in origianl red paint.


Woven entirely of ash wood and in traditional eastern Alognkian style employing a plain plaited pattern of hand cut splints and weavers. Worked from the bottom up, the base displays a generously spaced open weave pattern leading into a closed spaced body. The top is finished with a rim and interior rim liner and secured with a single coil wrapping.


An interesting feature is the method of attaching the coil to the body by piercing the uppermost weaver to secure itself and both rims to the body. A simple, almost artful technique of manufacture.


Exhibits a SUPERLATIVE  finish of original red paint with anomalies and historic charasteristics. A light old varnish is present and accompanies attractive surface characteristics with crazing and craquelure. 


Perfect condition. A pristine example of early Native American northeast basketry. 


Eastern Algonquain, probably Scaticook based on materials, form and method of construction. Ca. 1870. 9 1/2"W x 8"D x 3 1/4"T. 



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