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19th c. Gathering Basket

19th c. Gathering Basket

A 19th c. gathering basket in period correct light buttercream pigmented paint orlver original oyster white.

Constructed entirely from ash wood in a more traditional profile of a circular tapered body accompanied by a tall fixed handle which is folded over and secured at each end to a single row of weavers. Worked freehand from the base up when formed. A single wide coil is wrapped the entirety of the rim and doubles over at the points of overlap from the rim.

Beautifully formed and finished in a superb, thick paint with texture and historic qualities. Now wonderfully out of round with exciting characteristics from shrinkage.

A very good example of rural interpretation of basketry for farmstead use. Displays beautifully, does not sit straight up due to shrinkage.

Excellent condition. Northeast origin, OH or PA in origin. Ca. 1890. 11"T x 12"W.

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