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19th c. Hanging Storage Box

19th c. Hanging Storage Box

A 19th c. hanging storage box in original pigmented varnished finish.

Constructed of pine wood throughout and compartmentalized in its profile. A series of five wells is situated for storage and formed from joining planks of pine wood with a series of small iron nails. A peaked back accentuats the backboard and is pierced with a nicely out of round hanging hole from years of hanging on an early square shafted nail.

The original intended use is unclear but the format of multi tiered suggests a shop origin of some type, such as a cobblers shop or perhaps a carpenters shop. Regardless, it remains intriguing and attractive.

Condition is overally very good with no notable issues. A small age crack being consistent with age is visible in the backboard at the top. Retains incredibly ideal surface elements in the finish with craquelure and crazing. Signs of historic descension are visible.

American origin, probably northeast origin. Ca. 1880. 19 1/4"T x 7 1/2"W x 3 1/2"D.

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