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19th c. Hingham Bucket by Nelson Corthell

19th c. Hingham Bucket by Nelson Corthell

A 19th c. staved Bucket in original unfinished surface made by Nelson Corthell, a prominent wooden bucket manufacturer of Hingham, MA during the 19th c.

Constructed of pine wood pieced staving with occasional wooden pins set between staves to prevent collapsing. Two oak wood bands reinforce the body and are secured with hammered copper tacks. A series of wooden pins pierce the wood bands to aid in preventing the body from collapsing due to shrinkage.

The handle is made from bend wood oak with gently tapered ends being fitted into two wood pins of the body.

The last quarter of the 19th c. saw a major uprise in mass production of woodenware, putting most of the Hingham bucket makers in a position of finding a new trade or adapting to factory work. Corthell himself saw value in American history likely starting with the Colonial Revival period of 1876 and kept manufacturing buckets aimed at collectors of American history and the old fashioned manufacture of woodenware.

Survives structurally in an overall very good state of original condition. Surface oxidation is ideal, rich with dark color and historic elements. Light wear suggest this bucket saw a life of practical use but has been well respected and cared for.

Hingham, MA origin. Ca. 1850-1880. 12"W x 14 1/2"T OAH.

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