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19th c. Mangle Board

19th c. Mangle Board

A 19th C. mangle board carved from a single body of pine wood.


A beautiful array of deeply carved Acadian stars showcase the top side varying in size and depth of carving. The reverse side features a series of religious motifs such as coronets, Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, a Maltese Cross and stars surmounted by crescent moon. A large meandering vine also encompasses the reverse with tendrils. Both sides served as beautiful decoration in a home when not in use and hung on the wall.


Two holes serve practical functions; the smaller of the two for hanging when not in use and a larger hole serving as a hand grip. Retains a fabulous varnished finish with craquelure and crazing with one side slightly smoother and cleaner from repeated use.


Survives in an overall very good state of condition with a minor small old loss to the top edge.


Maritime Provinces or Quebec origin. Ca. 1840. 26 5/16"L.

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