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19th c. Shenandoah Valley Basket

19th c. Shenandoah Valley Basket

A 19th c. Shenandoah Valley vegetable basket in original surface.

Formed entirely of white oak wood, a favored wood of the Shenandoah Valley and Appalachian Trail basketmakers, favored for its ease of use in construction and strength.

Constructed and joined from its beginnings as two joined continuous hoops and nailed with iron nails. A series of ribs serving as uprights are woven within each weaver in a continuous coil and are riven and shaped entirely by hand.

Basketry of this region and type are amongst some of the most organic basketry produced in the eastern United States in terms of hand craft value and speak volumes for labor intensive work when closely examined and understood.

Remains in superb original condition with rich color to exterior surfaces. Shenandoah Valley, VA in origin. Ca. 1890. 11"T x 9"W.

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