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19th c. Taghkanic Cotton Basket

19th c. Taghkanic Cotton Basket

A 19th c. Taghkanic cotton basket in original surface.


Woven of ash wood with oak wood stanners and handles with Taghkanic standardized elements of construction . The body is worked from the base upwards, starting with a plaited bottom worked up into an over-under pattern transitioning into a circular shaped rim. A double coiled reinforced rim with two shaped handles finishes the top.



Two oak wood formed feet line two sides of the base and are woven synonymously with all other vertical stanners.


Survives in a remarkably well preseved state with some evidence extant of intended use. An attractive deep brown color exudes itself from heavy oxidation.


Retains fine surface qualities.


New York origin. Ca. 1875. 26"W x 12 1/2"T.

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