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Early Gameboard

Early Gameboard

An early 19th c. diminutive size gameboard in original paints.

Constructed from a single plank of pine wood with applied moldings profiled in a double quirk bead and attached via a series of large iron square nails and secured at each corner with small iron T-head nails.

The front features a playing field of traditional 32 squares painted in black on a deep red ground. The reverse portrays a playing field of fox and geese in black on the same deep red ground.

Survived in an overall excellent stste of original played condition with an extremely desirable surface history portraying deep craquelure and crazing to its painted surfaces. In a desirable small size at 12 3/8"T x 10 1/2"W x 1 1/2"D. Portrays itself graphically with deep, rich color.

Central Maine origin. Ca. 1830.

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