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Early Windsor "Youth"  Side Chair

Early Windsor "Youth" Side Chair

A late 18th c. windsor youths side chair in old black over original lamp black paint.

Constructed in a comb back style. An oak wood comb sits atop hickory wood tapered spindles and two ash wood baluster turned posts.

A white pine seat rests atop the base and is simplistic in design, showing only a basic profile with a curvilinear gutter rail adorning the perimiter of the spindles. Four turned legs with an H stretcher base form the caged base with each leg showing a double baluster turning sitting atop a tapered foot.

Elongated balusters displayed above the spool are attributed to the Boston area of windsor chair making.

Structurally in a solid state of condition with excellent height. The underside of the seat displays an interesting characteristic: when originally formed, the maker erroneously cracked the seat and applied two dovetail splines made of maple and ash wood and attached them to the underside, secured with forged iron nails.

Retains quality as-descended surface characteristics. Boston, MA area of origin. Ca. 1790-1800. 38 1/2"T, 18"W (crest), 15"W (seat), 16"D (seat).

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