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Exquisite 19th c. Gathering Basket

Exquisite 19th c. Gathering Basket

An exquisite 19th c. gathering basket in original red paint.


Constructed entirely from white ash wood and formed in an iconic New England fashion with a generously sized bulbous body forming a light taper from a spoked base. Wide body weavers and vertical stanners (uprights) present aesthetically and also served the practical function of reinforcement.


A tapered bentwood handle accompanies the body and is woven into the rim and double notched adequately for added security. At midpoint, a medial knob carved from the relief allows for added grip support when in use.


Exceptional condition. Retains a superior painted surface with superlative color and as-descended elements.


For the collector seeking a best of kind in American basketry for condition and paint surface qualities.


New England. Ca. 1890. 10 1/2"W x 11"T.

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