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Late 18th c. Candle Box

Late 18th c. Candle Box

A late 18th c. hanging candle box in original red paint.

Constructed entirely of pine wood and joined with early hand cut iron nails. The profile consists of a double compartmentalized system employing storage of candles with chamfered frontal supports for keeping candles in their respective place. A slight overhang on the top with rounded corners adds decorative and functional form, allowing some protection from dust and environmentals from accumulating inside.

A 1" thick backboard made of roughly cut pine wood serves structural support, being thick to prevent cupping and providing foundation to keep the entire profile intact. The original maker ensured survival and longevity by employing simple design techniques such as this. Use of such a robust backboard speaks of the rooted element of function in its design.

Remains in an excellent state of original condition with extremely desirable hisortic elements present.

New England origin. Ca. 1780-1800.12"T x 12 1/2"W x 5"D.

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