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Miniature 19th c. Sea Chest

Miniature 19th c. Sea Chest

A superbly made miniature 19th c. chest in original leafy colored paint.

Beautifully constructed of eastern white pine wood. The body is deeply profiled, showcasing extremely large dovetail joining, proportionally oversized when compared to a full-size counterpart. Two hand carved lid cleats and bottom board are joined via tiny hand carved wooden pins identical to those carved for use in pantry and herb boxes in a butt joint.

Tiny original hinges remain wonderfully preserved alongside a small iron loop atop the frontal board for keeping the lid locked in place via a pin or nail.

Beautifully preserved with very appealing surface elements remaining vibrant and intact.

Very likely this assumes the identity of a minature sea chest based on the apparent proportions, large dovetails and wooden pin joining as opposed to iron nail joining.

A charming miniature. While the original intended function may be unknown, a likely original function could have been storage for small personal effects.

New England or coastal New England. Ca. 1810. 2 1/2"T x 2"D x 4 11/16"W.

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