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New England Fruit Basket

New England Fruit Basket

An early 20th c. fruit basket in original unfinished surface.

Refinement was kept in mind when the maker constructed this basket. Utilizing fine materials such as oak stanners or "uprights" and imported cane weavers, the maker employed a traditional weaving technique of a spoke base with a peaked interior, practical for dispersing weight when fruit was added to the interior.

Refined oak rim ribs were used for finishing and reinforcing the top, drawn out neatly with a D shaped profile. The rim ribs are secured neatly with double coiled cane wrapping.

Two small oak wood ears attach the handle and are incorporated into the rim rib via a kerfed notch and taper the entire length of the body.

The handle itself is profiled delicately squared off rhnning the entirety of the body and terminates in pierced blocks accepting the rim ears. To add to the fastidious detail, the bottom of each handle block was chamfered slightly and carefully.

Regionally, the employment of cane weavers and oak uprights has been utilized on Nantucket baskets for well over 100 years and standard of quality of construction of Nantucket basketry shares very similar characteristics with this fruit basket suggesting a Nantucket or south shore Massachusetts origin.

Survives in an immaculate state of original condition with a gently oxidized and uncleaned surface. An amazingly well produced basket encompassing form, utility, quality and craftsmanship.

Massachusetts origin, possibly Nantucket. Ca. 1895-1915. 12 1/4"W.

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