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Rare 19th c. Campaign Shelf

Rare 19th c. Campaign Shelf

A rare 19th c. wooden and rope campaign shelf in original paint decoration.


Comprised of three seperate boards with rounded edges and hand pierced holes to receive a hemp rope system. Each board features sylized paint decoration on both the top and bottom. Two pairs of hand twisted rope supports are cleverly finished at the top by being folded over and secured with twine and fringed to form tassles. Originally used as a functioning traveling shelf or around the home as a necessity shelf.


Remains in a remarkably good state of original condition with original rope and surface qualities being undisturbed. Can be used to display decorative accessories or left as a stand alone piece. 


Off of the market for approximately 40 years and from the personal collection of Elliot & Grace Snyder Antiques. For the collector seeking the rare and unusual. 


New England origin. Ca. 1830. 42"T x 26"W x 9 1/2"D.

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