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Rare 19th c. Shaker Miniature Bowl

Rare 19th c. Shaker Miniature Bowl

A rare 19th c. Shaker miniature bowl in original Vermillion red paint.


Delicately lathe turned from a small block of ash wood and profiled simply as typical in true Shaker fashion with an ever so slightly tapered bowl and finished with a subdued footed base. Careful consideration was taken when forming as slow lathe marks are evident. Equally exciting are chisel marks left on the underside.


Simply beautiful in a simplistic manner. As known, the counterpart, handled dippers were made in nesting sets and this bowl follows the form and size of dippers identically, even when set together.


Retains a wonderfully intact painted surface with some signs of in-period wear from use. Very good original condition with a small trivial age crack at the rim from shrinkage.


Probably Mt. Lebanon Shaker due to the form and likeness to the dippers being produced at Mt. Lebanon. Ca. 1850. 4"W x 2 1/4"T.


For a similar example, see plate 85 in "Expressions of Innocence and Eloquence: Selections from the Jane Katcher Collection of Americana".

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