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Scarce Early Pitch Pipe

Scarce Early Pitch Pipe

A scarce early 19th c. wooden piptch pipe in as descended surface.

Constructed of a pine wood body of 1/4" thick pine wood and glued with butt joints, the frontal body being decoratively shaped with a semicurve end.

A pine wood plunger rides horizontally amongst the interior with the depth determining the desired note. "G-F" are hand written in ink script atop the plunger.

These were used to denote the starting pitch of a choir for church services. A closely related example is featured in "New England Meeting House and Church: 1630-1850" plate 191.

Remains in a very well preserved state of condition with a period brass pull and retains an extremely fine surface. After 200+ years, this pitch pipe is still somewhat functional, an attest at quality craftsmanship. A scarcity amongst early treen pieces.

New England, likely Massachusetts in origin. Ca. 1805. 6 1/4"L x 3"T x 1"Thick.

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